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We offer the services many paid services offer too: instantaneous updates, forward/reverse IPv4 and IPv6 &intense support for CNAME, A, AAAA, MX, NS, TXT, LOC, RP, HINFO, SRV records... With superb uptime statistics, excellent backend support by one of the world's largest SAS-providers and the passionate input of a team of true geeks - your nameservers are safe with us!

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How does the Domain Name System (DNS) work?

Whether you realize it or not if you have ever used the internet you have used the domain name system. The DNS is really just how websites get their names. Most people really have no idea how it works but the system is not all that complicated. Understanding it will give you a better idea of how the web works.

side dorkdns domain The domain system is the way that we give web servers a unique name that is easy to remember and use. Strictly speaking the address of the web server is its IP address however for most users this is impractical. The problem is that the IP address is just a series of numbers which would make it impossible to find what you are looking for if that was all you had to go on. With billions of websites it would be totally impractical to have a directory that listed every sites IP address; it would take you forever to go through it. The domain name system is the way that we get around this problem.

The DNS names are the ones that most of us are familiar with when we go looking for something on internet, they usually end in .com or .net or one of the many other top level domains. These names are organized in a specific way so that the information easily sorted. Basically starting from the right you work from the top level domain down to lower levels. Therefore in the case of this site .com is the top level domain, and dorkdns is a smaller mid level domain. If we had a smaller sub domain on the site it would come before that. The periods are what separates the domains.

In order to get a DNS name for your website you will need to purchase one from a registry service. They will allow you to choose whatever name you like provided that it is not already being used by somebody else. Since the top level domains are completely different from each other if the name that you want is not available in .com for example you may be able to get it as .net or one of the other domains. Once you have your name assigned the registry service will attach it to the appropriate IP address so that when people enter that name they will find your site.

In order to find a site on the web using its DNS name your internet service provider will connect you to a DNS server. This is basically just a server that keeps a big database of which name goes with which IP address. Therefore when you log on to the internet you will be connected to the DNS server, when you enter a web address that server will find the right IP address and it will connect you to the site that you are looking for.

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